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Jul. 21st, 2017 02:39 pm
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I realised the one thing that makes Equestria Girls better than its parent franchise when it comes to reformation, is that Equestria Girls puts a big emphasis on personal responsibility. You have to own what you've done and honestly want to do better in future.

It was a huge part of Sunset's arc, and she won't have problems forgiving someone if they show genuine remorse. Cinch is so terrible because she's an older woman who takes absolutely no personal responsibility for using and manipulating the children in her care. 

Personal responsibility and the desire to change for the better is often glossed over in FiM. Starlight feeling honest remorse wasn't crucial to her being given a second chance, and that was one of the major issues with it. 

The running theme of Equestria Girls is actively trying to do better, and getting their with the help of friends. FiM doesn't have that kind of depth to it, which is why redemption doesn't work as well in FiM. 

Trope Bingo (Round 9) card

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:14 am
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This week I caved and requested a [dreamwidth.org profile] trope_bingo card to go with my cards for [dreamwidth.org profile] hc_bingo and [dreamwidth.org profile] seasonofkink. This time I opted to only get prompts from the main set (I just typed "pain set". Hmm), rather than also drawing from the AU, kinks, and/or art sets.

I haven't spent much time going through and thinking in terms of which ones are most workable for me, but there are several I like. Chosen family is one of my favorite things; "huddle for warmth" is one of those reliable classic tropes that I don't think I've ever actually written; I like domestic things, so both curtain fic and food/cooking fit... We'll see.

Anyway, here's my card:
under the cut )
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A Pair of Kickstarters

--"Mermaid Hues: A Book of Mermaids" is a project by an artist whose work I enjoyed during Mermay, so I'm glad to see it's being made available for purchase!

--Sparkler Monthly just launched their Kickstarter for year 5: "Twelve more issues of women-oriented, LGBT+ friendly webcomics, light novels, and audio dramas in our digital magazine!" Their Kickstarter page includes a lot of info on the kind of work they do and publish, and links to a free downloadable Sparkler Starter Bundle.

(I do have to note that I'm friends with several of the founders/editors [and have proofread a few of their print volumes], but that means I can tell you with confidence that they bring a LOT of experience and passion to the table as long-term manga-industry professionals and as enthusiastic, thoughtful fans of female-gaze-focused Japanese and Japanese-style media.)

Cute Stuff

"10+ Times Corgis Mixed With Other Breeds, And The Result Was Absolutely Pawsome".

"Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Welcome A Squeaky Little Small-Clawed Otter Pup".

"22 Dogs That Prove We Don’t Deserve Dogs". [Buzzfeed]

[dreamwidth.org profile] naye posted June pics of her LaPerm kitties!

"I’ve Spent Years Photographing Rats To Break The Negative Image Of Rats By Taking Cute Pics Of Them".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] erinptah, "Senior Cat Was So Grumpy — Until He Became ‘Grandpa’ To Kittens: “I was expecting him to hiss or growl or slink away. But then one of the ginger kittens started licking Mason’s ear, and Mason sort of leaned into it and closed his eyes like it was the most amazing thing ever.”".


"Sleeps With Monsters: Stop Erasing Women’s Presence in SFF". [Tor.com]

Aww, yay! Sarah Kurchak is Writer of the Week at The Establishment.

"The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] alexseanchai, a fascinating piece of poetry/meta and commentary about translation between languages where the speakers of one have oppressed the speakers of the other. It's remarkable.

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] tielan, "5 Easy To Make Homemade Air Conditioners".

"How Clergy Set the Standard for Abortion Care: Fifty years ago, a network of religious leaders helped thousands of women find safe, comfortable ways of having the procedure". [2016]

"'Glow' Star Betty Gilpin: What It's Like to Have Pea-Sized Confidence With Watermelon-Sized Boobs", a piece about becoming comfortable in her body for the first time. (I'm not sure exactly what content notes to put on this; proceed carefully if you have issues tangled up with body image.)[Note: I have not seen Glow, although it's on the LIST OF DOOM.]
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In a shocking development, I'm going to try going to bed now (before midnight) rather than my more usual 2-3 AM. I can't even pretend to myself that there's any chance I'll produce any wordcount tonight, so trying to sleep seems like the right call even if it's wildly out of character.

PSA: the ebook of Feed (Newsflesh book 1) is currently on sale at all kinds of retailers, including the Canadian Kobo site, if you haven't tried it yet and feel at all inclined to fill my heart with joy by reading it and meeting Georgia Mason. (Here's my rec post for the series.)

As it happens, now is an extra-good time to pick up any of [dreamwidth.org profile] seanan_mcguire(/Mira Grant)'s books or support her Patreon: her beloved female Maine Coon, Alice, is extremely ill. ;_;
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--My brain is refusing to settle on much of anything. It feels like a mix of my usual lack of focus with a few scattered side notes of...not impending anxiety, but flickers of it trying to settle in. (In a couple of cases I know that the anxiety is about, but can't shake the sense that it may be justified, which makes it harder to deal with. I may wind up having to send an email or two of the "I honestly don't know if you're mad at me and I'm picking up on it or if my brain is making it up wholesale or if I'm picking up on other stresses from you and my brain's misattributing them" [and the later makes inquiring much worse, because if someone is worn down or stressed because of unrelated things, I don't want to add "oh, and please help me regulate my possibly-irrational emotions" to their plate].)

--For the past several nights my sleep cycle was even worse than usual, resulting in far too little sleep, and last night/this morning some part of my subconscious took charge and I didn't really wake up until almost 2 PM today. o_o Fortunately I had the rewrite that was due today basically finished, so I just had to give it a final polish and read-through. And this afternoon Jinksy was randomly extra cuddly and came to snuggle on my lap at my desk twice while I was reading the paper and working.

--This evening [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I got some gardening done. I deadheaded some annuals; he took down the "prey TV" birdfeeder (because of this); we moved the tomato plants around a bit so the smaller ones will get more light; we added some height to a couple of stackable tomato cages; and we put down mulch in the perennial bed and around the two lilacs (in the latter case, in order to clear the encroaching grasses as much as anything else). The Sensation lilac is thriving in the face of getting actual care from us! It's significantly larger than it was at the beginning of spring. (Why, it's as if pruning, fertilizing, consistent watering, and putting lime down makes a difference!) And the lone Sungold tomato plant is growing rapidly, and still far bigger than any of the others. (Even after it lost a stalk [?] today. We moved it, and once it was away from the others two stalks weren't nearly supported enough, but weren't outright falling over...and yet in the time it took [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose to get some ties ready, one of them said "fuck it" and snapped. *sighs* At least it didn't have wee tomatoes on it.)

--Hey, remember how, in Toronto, I bought orange Enthusiast Fluevogs in orange because the purple had been discontinued? Guess what just came out in a new purple colorway for the new season? *facepalm* Fortunately, I don't like this purple version nearly as well as the discontinued one. (And also, the orange--which I really do like!--were noticeably on sale, so even if the new purple had been out, it would've meant not getting either pair this trip, not getting the purple instead.) But part of me is still just like "...really? Really?"
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I had theories about writing an actual post or two this weekend, but then the super-wordy (half-volume) of a Hana to Yume series* that's due tomorrow devoured every trace of brain power I had, apparently. OTOH, I have a draft, and once this is in I'll be back on track post-travel.

(That said, I'm already dreading the potential length and intensity of the fall bout of Casual Job and really hoping to actually get ahead on my freelance stuff, insofar as that's possible. *fingers crossed*)

Fannish/Geeky Things

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] spikedluv, "Riverdale Casts Supergirl's Brit Morgan in Recurring Season 2 Role". (I didn't read the article, as I haven't yet seen Riverdale, but yay, Brit Morgan!)

"Black Panther Is Cleverly Reimagining One of Its Major Villains To Avoid Racial Stereotypes".

I love [dreamwidth.org profile] chaila's (spoilery!) [dreamwidth.org profile] ladybusiness post about Wonder Woman from a couple of weeks ago.

"Star Trek: Discovery literally hired writers to fact-check new stories against Trek canon".

"Killjoys' Aaron Ashmore reflects on past Smallville, Veronica Mars roles". And a bunch of others!


Via [dreamwidth.org profile] larryhammer, "The Quest to Return Tomatoes to Their Full-Flavored Glory: We’ve bred the original tomato taste out of existence. Now geneticists are asking: Can we put it back?"

Also via [dreamwidth.org profile] larryhammer, "A third of marine megafauna died in a mass extinction that we didn’t even know about".

"Kill Your Old Ideas So You Can Be More Creative". [Lifehacker] Hmm.

This site lets you see if a Twitter user (one with a public account, anyway) is currently shadowbanned.

"Why bisexual men are still fighting to convince us they exist". [January]

"10 Coolest Ice Cream Traditions From Around The World".

"That Time the TSA Found a Scientist’s 3-D-Printed Mouse Penis: And other tales from the intersection of science and airport security".

"After a Revolution". [Dimas Ilaw at Uncanny Magazine] [Content notes: refers to a wide variety of murder, rape, assault, torture...] "Here is a secret that is not a secret. Here is a curse that is not a curse. Revolutions are not redemption. They will not save you, just as ours did not save us back in 1896, or 1986, or 2001.

It is not that revolutions are useless; it is that they are not enough. And, perhaps, that is what damns us: we give everything we have, blood and fire and all our screaming voices, and after that it is still not over—we still have to go on, to carry our country through the painful process of rebuilding and rooting out diseases infesting our systems and finding better ways to be just, and fair, and kind, which is an even longer, more difficult trial, for all that it is less lit by fire."

On RocketNews24:

--"Dominique Ansel gives us new eye-popping ice cream served in a slice of watermelon!【Pics】".

--"Sanrio and Sailor Moon finally reveal their lineup of My Melody collab goods!"

Taken from elle-white

Jul. 16th, 2017 05:01 pm
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Send me a character, and I’ll answer:

How do I feel about this character:

What do I like/admire about this character:

What do I dislike about this character:

Favourite moment for this character:

Who I ship romantically with this character and why:

Who are my platonic ships for this character and why:

Things done in fanfiction with this character that annoy me:

Things done in fanfiction with this character I want to see more of:

Character headcanon meme.

Jul. 15th, 2017 06:30 pm
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Send me the name of a character and I will tell you my:

1: sexuality headcanon

2: otp

3: brotp

4: notp

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

6: one way in which I relate to this character

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
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Fannish/Geeky Things

Via a few people, [dreamwidth.org profile] findthatbook is a comm. for helping each other identify dimly-remembered books.

"Fullmetal Alchemist live action drops new teaser trailer and 9 character visuals".

"Game Of Thrones Characters Like You Haven’t Seen Before In A Psychedelic Photoshoot".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] sineala, "Star Trek IV Now Exists in the Same Universe As All Marvel Films Thanks to a Special Cameo".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] gramarye1971, Utena is coming out on Blu-ray with "other limited-edition items", and I don't want to buy it again (I bought the remastered version a few years ago, and I don't care about Blu-ray), but...it may depend on what the limited-edition things are. Utena!!!

"Stop Explaining the Direct Market to Me". [Book Riot]

[dreamwidth.org profile] skygiants posted about Sky Masterson of Guys and Dolls clearly having been written as a lesbian.


The #6MOP hashtag on Twitter is "6 Months of Pots", which started off here (and the thread explains the name: "[A] prof. does an experiment in his pottery class. Half the class can only work on one pot each during the allotted time. The other half has to make as many pots as possible in the allotted time. It's about quality vs. quantity. Turned out, the best pots came from the students who were making as many as possible. Each pot taught a new lesson, informed the next one. Basically, make shitty art. So I think July-Dec will be six months of shitty art for me. Maybe it will help me find the magic again. It can't hurt, anyway. All writing is growth.") Later, when starting the hashtag, [twitter.com profile] writer_gem says "Really the goal is just to happily and enthusiastically make shitty art for six months and not think too hard or worry too much." [twitter.com profile] Making_Pots' bio says "The #6MOP hype person, here to tweet prompts and encouragement."

"How A Reader’s Feminist Critique Changed My Sci-Fi Novel". [LitHub]

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] zulu, "Applying the Moral Premise to your story" is an interesting take on plotting.


"Ways To Stay Motivated In This Shit-Shellacked Era Of Epic Stupid". [Chuck Wendig] "The greatest question I get, right now, is how to simply persist creating art and staying motivated and creative in this epoch of syphilitic dipshittery, so I thought I’d bop in here and try my hand at answering that."

"Artist Ronit Baranga’s Disturbing Anatomical Dishware Creeps Across Tabletops".

"Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Are Now Available Online".

"Google has built a stunning, searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion".

"Meet The “Queen Of The Dark” Who Was Told To Bleach Her Incredibly Dark Skin By Uber Driver". It's a terrible headline. Have the first paragraph: "Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the South Sudanese model who’s teaching people not to be afraid of the dark. With her deeply pigmented skin and fierce determination, she’s breaking down the barriers of conventional beauty, and encouraging others to do exactly the same."

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] isis, Factitious is (quoting [dreamwidth.org profile] isis) "a game to test your ability to discern whether a linked news item is real or fake".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] niqaeli, Pyramid Seven is "a queer owned, chicago based boxer brief company made for people with periods, regardless of gender. After noticing there was a lack of conversation around people with periods who didn't normally wear feminine underwear, we decided to do something about it."

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Jul. 15th, 2017 02:00 pm
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 I think I can honestly say now that Natsume's Book of Friends has made it onto the list of my top 5 favourite anime. 

Fun obscure niche JRPG from the 90's.

Jul. 13th, 2017 10:22 pm
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There's a game that I really, really like from when I was a kid called Paladin's Quest. It's a SNES JRPG which plays like just about any other; turn-based combat, equipping items to adjust stats, altering party formation so that the tougher party members are up front, but it's the little things that make the difference.

For starters, the game's art style is unique; it uses pastel color schemes and french science-fantasy inspired aesthetics, so that everything looks and feels fresh. Then there's how magic works; there's no MP, all spells you cast come out of your HP and every time you cast a spell you increase your power with the spirits associated with that spell, ultimately increasing your overall power. Overall, this means that your characters are going to be casting new spells regularly throughout the game to develop your spirit affinities as efficiently as possible, which makes things pretty interesting, and the fact that your casting out of your HP means that you need to be more thoughtful about your magic. And of course, no healing spells. Healing is handled via refillable potion bottles of varying degrees of power and so managing your healing resources is also important.

Overall, it's a pretty fun game and if you at all enjoy old-school JRPGs, I'd definitely give it a shot.
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I just tossed seven pictures of the garden up in this Instagram post; I don't have the energy to deal with copying or embedding them here.

Picture info:

1) The three largest tomato plants, mainly. (And you can see what I mean when I talk about our patio stones and how much space that allows us between the back wall of the townhouse and the lawn.) The one on the left is the lone Sungold, currently featuring at least a few incredibly small tomatoes and some flowers; the two beside it are a Chocolate cherry plant and a Lemon Boy, although I don't remember which is which. Those three are the ones that got the "tomato halo" treatment. There's another row of smaller plants behind those ([dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I may try to rearrange the SmartPots so the back ones get more light), and off to the very left of the photo you can see the two annual planters in the shadiest area.

2) Super-tiny green tomatoes on the Sungold!

3) A different angle on the jungle of tomato plants, with a bit of the raspberry plant peeking in at the bottom right. Some of the SmartPots have marigolds tucked in with the tomato plants (possibly too close for comfort).

4) An annual pot and most of the (primarily-)perennial garden bed. The only two perennials showing any color yet are the two astilbe plants, which are growing quite differently from each other. (One jutting up at the far right, and the other rather droopier in the center of the pic.) As you can see, we haven't mulched at all yet. La? (This bed is where we'll put in some bulbs in the fall.)

5) One of the three hanging baskets--the preassembled one with fuchsia and two other plants.

6) The annual planter against the back wall of the building--lobelia, marigolds, and calendula.

7) Three of the annual planters beside the perennial bed--lobelia, marigolds, calendula, floss flower, Persian shield, snapdragons, and salvia. Maybe other things?

The Cheesy Cliche meme.

Jul. 12th, 2017 07:35 pm
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Give me a fandom, a character/pairing, and a cheesy cliche, and I will write a short fic. The cheesier the cliche, the better!

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Jul. 12th, 2017 11:43 am
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"Chris Butcher Leaves The Beguiling, Named Viz Media Editor-at-Large". [Publishers Weekly]

"Nine Reasons Manga Publishers Can Smile in 2017". [Deb Aoki for Publishers Weekly]

"Must-Make Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning – the Knit Pattern is FREE!"

"GUEST POST: ‘Wonder Woman’—Armor vs. Underwear & Why It Matters". (This post is an updated non-Twitter thread version of the thread that went around last month.)

"On Wonder Woman and choosing to be chosen". [Tricia Ennis on SYFY]

"Let’s be Straight: Wonder Woman is into Women: Hope Nicholson and Karen K Burrows on how the sexuality of superheroines has been ignored on screen".

"Why Do So Few Hollywood Movies Take Place During World War I? The Great War wasn't glamorous—and it isn't remembered as reflecting particularly well on the U.S."

"Anime artist pros draw Wonder Woman to celebrate film’s Japanese opening【Art】". [RocketNews24]

"‘Wonder Woman 2’ Will Throw Diana Into the Cold War: The period film will take place in the 1980s as Diana goes up against the Soviets".

"Lena Headey to Star in and Produce Adaptation of “H Is for Hawk” with Plan B".


"How Do You Keep Social Media From Destroying Your Mental Health?" [Sarah Kurchak at The Establishment]

"On “Person-First Language”: It’s Time to Actually Put the Person First".

"Artist Uses 100,000 Banned Books To Build A Full-Size Parthenon At Historic Nazi Book Burning Site".

"Black Cowboys, Busting One of America’s Defining Myths".

"Chicago Library Seeks Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts: Three texts dealing with charms, spirits, and all other manners of magical practice are now accessible online". [Smithsonian]

A Twitter thread from [twitter.com profile] Karnythia (Mikki Kendall) that begins with "Chatting with @beauty_jackson & @LisaLisa1908 & I realized I have never told the story of the woman who told me about murdering her husband".

"Surprising Things You Never Knew About Your Cat: For starters, our pet felines' personalities are linked to their color, says Gary Weitzman, veterinarian and author of How to Speak Cat". [National Geographic]

"Cats are an extreme outlier among domestic animals: Massive study of ancient and modern cat genomes reveals an unusual history". [Ars Technica]

"Tim Rice: Chess Revival on Tap for Broadway 'Late Next Year'".

"International Maritime Signal Flags That Would Be Helpful During Sex". [McSweeney's]
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I had this lovely theory that I/we wouldn't spend too much money while away, other than on eating out (inevitable in Toronto). But shopping happened.

A lot of it was little things that added up, most of it mine: a couple pairs of not-terribly-expensive footwear, a few things from Uniqlo (my first time in one of their stores since Japan in 2012; alas, I didn't have as much luck as I'd hoped); some household odds and ends.

But Fluevog was having a sale. I came away with the Enthusiasts in orange. I hadn't tried on anything from the Enneagram family before, but there were a few of them (between styles and colors) on my wishlist, so my intention was just to figure out my size for that family. But the Enthusiasts were so comfortable, and I had nothing remotely like that color, andandand...yeah.

(Now to hope they're equally comfy when I'm wearing them for real; my feet were achy for most of the Toronto trip, so it was hard to judge...)

It was a bit heartbreaking to put those shoes on and find them so comfortable, though, because they came in a fantastic purple for a while--and not a long while, I have to think, if I'd never tried the Enneagrams before. (That shade is really close to the color of our bedroom, which was the color of our living room back when we lived in the co-op before we bought the condo, and liked so much that we reused it. [My office here is the exact same color as my office in the co-op was, too.])

The other thing is that I bought makeup. o_o A lot of it, by my standards, because I don't wear makeup. But a couple of people in my immediate close circle are experimenting with/wearing it way more than I'm used to them doing, and they're a BAD INFLUENCE. And now I own what I regard as SO MANY LIPSTICK COLORS. I don't know how to wear lipstick! But apparently I'm going to have to figure it out.

...seriously, I now have--including a few things I'd bought over the past few months--a lip primer, two lip pencils (both purple), a couple of tinted lip balms/shimmers, and...eight lipsticks/lip dyes? Fully half of which are purple. (There's also a blue, and a metallic orange.)

Besides those, I have two mascaras (one purple), two eyeshadows and an eye glitter (all purple), and a roll-on shimmer (also purple).

Anyone want to guess what my favorite color is?
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No pictures, but the garden held up just fine while we were gone. (Thank you, kind neighbor!) The lone Sungold tomato plant, in particular, is flourishing; there are several tinytinyTINY tomatoes taking shape on it!

A not-fun sequence of events: last night I got to bed a bit too late, slept poorly, and then woke up an hour before my alarm, so thoroughly that I gave in and got up. (It was set for 9:00 so I could basically roll out of bed and go straight to get my monthly B12 injection at 10:00, but the extra hour meant I could have tea and read the paper and whatnot first, so it seemed fine.) Except then I felt queasy-unwell enough that I wound up canceling the appointment. (I don't think anything's actively wrong. My meatpuppet is just kinda touchy.)

With the help of three caffeine pills over the course of the day, I got a passable amount of work done (not as much as I would've preferred) and finished reading Down Among the Sticks and Bones, which I loved.

I haven't reread Every Heart a Doorway since it came out, and it'd be interesting to take another look now, with the context from Down Among the Sticks and Bones.

(PSA: Down Among the Sticks and Bones is Jack and Jill's pre-EHAD story, and since there were two common themes among several of you who bounced off EHAD, I'm gonna note that Down Among the Sticks and Bones doesn't touch on the logic/nonsense/etc.-worlds element of the series, and also doesn't include a mystery, so if either of those were why EHAD didn't work for you but you liked other aspects of it, it's possible you might enjoy this novella more.)

On top of that, I started reading Eliza and Her Monsters and [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose caught up on the two Orphan Black episodes that aired while we were in Toronto, and I think that adds up to more media consumption today than in the last few weeks.

We still need to settle in with the two S3 episodes of Killjoys that've aired, too.

This whole week is going to be a stream of reminders on Twitter that the Hugo voting deadline is this Sunday, so I'm back to feeling bad about having so utterly failed at doing the reading/watching. :/

Netflix, god why.

Jul. 10th, 2017 08:45 pm
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I've gotten so spoiled by Crunchyroll and FUNimation, which give me nice simulcasts of currently airing anime. So much so that I've forgotten how to look for fucking fansub torrents. I don't think I've looked for them in years! Never mind the fact that Crunchyroll and FUNimation kind of decimated fansub groups due to making currently airing anime available so easily. To be clear, I'm not really complaining about this. The industry complains about piracy. I say that you fight piracy by making it easier to obtain legal copies. People are lazy. I am lazy. I'm happy to fork over a monthly subscription fee so I can watch current anime in one place via my PC, Roku, phone, tablet, etc.

I am, however, complaining about fucking Netflix, which licensed Kakegurui (based on the female gambling manga I raved about on Twitter a couple years back) and decided to... wait until the season is over and drop it in one completed batch? Okay, like, I get this is their brand. Binging is Their Thing. But learn a little something about your fucking audience! Anime fans do not want to wait a month after the entire season is over to watch the entire series at once! We want to watch the series one episode per week! THAT IS HOW OUR FANDOM WORKS.

Ugh. I am so resentful that I'm having to pirate this show. I'm happy to support it, but I'm also not waiting until October or November to watch it! Jesus, the show has no chance of blowing up because of this. None. Literally none. Anime fans will be moving onto new and shiny fall anime by then!



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