a_white_rain: (right behind you)
a_white_rain ([personal profile] a_white_rain) wrote2009-06-18 12:49 am

rl, iran, ygo

1. I am moving at the end of the month. ;_;

2. Iran keeps getting more and more depressing. Though I can't watch any more videos of people being fucking killed. Some of them are just plain triggering for me in ways I don't want to be triggered.

3. All my YGO manga has been shipped. Which is great, so I can go get them for reference as I write a few things I've got planned.

Generally speaking, I'm manga>>>>>>>>>>>>>>anime. Though, when it came to the ceremonial duel, I actually enjoyed some aspects of the anime version better. Well I like the character motives better in the manga, but the anime had Yuugi knocking down all three gods at once and that was badass.

Also, I actually liked the intrusion of Kaiba, which I usually don't. It flares the inner Yuugi/Kaiba shipper in me.

In conclusion I liked that the Yuugi/Anzu/Atemu triangle was left completely ambiguous because it leaves me with many options! And I really want an icon of Yuugi crying while Atemu touches his shoulder. It's really sweet. ;_;

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