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a_white_rain ([personal profile] a_white_rain) wrote2009-07-09 06:27 pm


So, what haven't I rewatched lately? That's right, Yuu Yuu Hakusho! Some things about my tastes haven't changed. I still love Kurama best of all. I still ship Hiei/Kurama a lot.

However, one thing seems to have passed my notice back when I was... fourteenish? When I watched it? (I'm not sure it's so much my tastes have changed over the dub changing things around/me being really distracted by what would probably be one of my top ten OTPs). Karasu/Kurama!

Apparently in the Japanese version, Karasu wanted to kill Kurama because he was so pretty and didn't like to see beauty fade. Oh Jesus Christ. I... have a desire to write about them kissing.