a_white_rain: (kurama)
a_white_rain ([personal profile] a_white_rain) wrote2009-07-13 07:22 pm


I watched YYH Poltergeist Report movie and am struck with the sudden desire to write about Kurama and Kuronue making out. It's discontenting because I didn't really buy it. I can make it work in my head, but I think they twisted Kurama's characterization a bit too much for me to believe it (maybe in a few days I shall talk about why it threw me off balance). In the end, though the idea of Yoko Kurama having a soft spot for his boyfriend back in the day amuses me too much not to like it some.

Also man all the diverse opinions about the TW s3 almost makes me want to watch it.

In conclusion this picture (TW, I don't think it's spoilery) freaks me out.

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